How to Choose 4 Wheelers for 10 Year Olds

How to Choose 4 Wheelers for 10-Year-Olds

Buying a 4-wheeler for a 10-year-old kid is not just about fun and exploration. While some may look at it as a toy, an ATV serves as an important milestone and prepares kids for “real cars”. That’s exactly why finding the right 4 wheelers for 10 year olds is a pretty serious matter. However, just when you decide to buy such a vehicle for your little one, you get overwhelmed by a long list of questions.

For example, what types of engines are there? How do you make the ATV safer for your kid? And why do they call it an ATV, exactly? In this article, we’ll give answers to all those questions, provide you with helpful tips, and help make the perfect pick. Alright, let’s get to it!

4 Wheelers, Quads, ATVs…

How to Choose 4 Wheelers for 10 Year Olds4 wheelers are often referred to as quads, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), quad cycles, and four tracks. For someone that’s just getting into this stuff, all these terms can be a bit overwhelming. However, you shouldn’t get confused when you hear those words, because they all mean the same thing. Of course, kids’ 4-wheelers are smaller than full-fledged rides and are not nearly as capable.

Engine Types

One of the most important things in a 4 wheeler for kids is the engine. The stronger the motor, the better the ATV will be at overcoming obstacles. When it comes to 4 wheelers for 10 year olds, there are two types of engines to choose from: electric engines and gas engines. Electric 4-wheelers are powered by batteries. These vehicles are lightweight and easier to ride compared to gas-powered quads. Read here How to Clean ATV plastic.

If your child has no experience with ATV riding, buying an electric all-terrain vehicle would be a wise choice. Then there are the gas-powered ATVs. If you feel like your kid is old and experienced enough, this will be the next step. Such ATVs come equipped with 50cc gas motors. On top of that, with a gas-powered 4 wheeler, the maximum speed can be manually decreased and increased.

Safety First

How to Choose 4 Wheelers for 10 Year OldsAlthough 4-wheelers for kids are not particularly fast, unfortunately, accidents do occur. Therefore, it is very important for you as a parent and the kid as a driver to be very cautious, responsible, and concentrated. Always make sure that your child is wearing a helmet and body protection when driving the ATV.

It will be even better if this becomes a habit so that when your child grows up and switches to bigger ATVs or motorcycles, they will turn into conscious drivers that put safety first. According to official statistics, wearing a helmet lowers the risk of head injury by up to 88%.

Final Words

Alright, now that you know your way around ATVs, you can make a better choice and pick the right 4 wheeler for your kid. Don’t make any rushed decisions. Spend a few days checking out some options and ask your child about their preferences. After all, it’s going to be the little boy or girl driving that little noisy monster, not you.

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