When to Choose a New Solenoid for My ATV

When to Choose a New Solenoid for My ATV

There are thousands of details in modern-day ATVs. We’re talking about the engine, transmission systems, wheels, and brakes, just to name a few. Now, there’s one part, in particular, called the solenoid, and when it breaks down, that causes lots of trouble. The main purpose of a starter solenoid for ATV is to start the motor. It does that by receiving a weak electric charge from the ignition key and turning it into a high voltage signal.

That’s how the engine starts. As you may have guessed, when there’s something wrong with the solenoid, your ATV may never start at all, as the engine relies heavily on that signal.

Common Side Effects of a Faulty Solenoid

When to Choose a New Solenoid for My ATVIf you want to enjoy a stress- and hassle-free ride, the solenoid must be in perfect condition; otherwise, your four-wheeler won’t deliver its best performance. How do you know that the solenoid is, indeed, malfunctioning, then? Here are the most common symptoms of a solenoid for ATV acting up:

  1. The solenoid makes a series of strange clicking sounds
  2. The starter solenoid is making the engine run over and over again even when you turn the motor off
  3. The solenoid starts but that doesn’t seem to have any impact on the vehicle: the ATV is just not moving
  4. When you turn the all-terrain vehicle off, the solenoid keeps spinning

So, these are the most typical and frequent symptoms of a solenoid that’s going bad. If you’re experiencing any of these side effects, it’s time to get a new starter solenoid for your ATV.

What should I do?

There are two things you can do at this point: try and fix the solenoid or get a new one. On the bright side, it’s not that hard to get a starter solenoid fixed (if it’s not damaged beyond repairs, of course). However, we still highly recommend buying a new unit. And there are good reasons for that.

  • Reason number one. When it comes to all-terrain vehicles, the safer you are the better. You don’t want anything to go wrong while you’re driving your quad alone or with friends or family members.

  • Reason number two. If you didn’t fix it the right way, the solenoid may not only break down once again but also cause damage to the quad.

  • Reason number three. It’s just a matter of time before you’ll have to replace the nonfunctional solenoid. Even if you get it fixed, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work forever. So it would be wise to replace it as soon as possible instead of putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

And one more thing: if you’re not qualified, it’s better to call for a professional to replace the starter solenoid. Again, with ATVs, there is no such thing as being too careful!

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