Dycusburg, Kentucky is the place you need to be!

650 Acres of Off Road Trails & Primitive Camping on the Cumberland River

Closed December 24 & 25

Have a Merry Christmas!

2020 Fall Season

        Open Saturday 10:AM    Close  Sunday 6:PM

Per Day  Admission 

 $10.00 for Vehicle & Driver--$5.00 for Rider 

 Go To  Special Events Page For Weekend Admission Dates & Time 

All Off-Road Vehicles Welcome

Signed Liability Waiver Required By All Riders. Riders Under 18 will need adult supervision and parent or guardian to sign the Liability Waiver.





Robbie Constal, owner/operator

"I would like to personally welcome you
to Paddy's Bluff Retreat. We want to make
your visit a wonderful experience. Bring the family.
We have plenty of primitive camping areas overlooking
the Cumberland River and enough trails to keep
you busy for hours on end. Come visit for a day,
or stay the weekend. See ya soon!




Memorial Day-4th July-Labor Day-Halloween-Thanksgiving

2020 Special Weekend Schedule

                  2nd Annual 4/4 Ramble    April 22   Through 24

                 Memorial Day Weekend  Through  30                                        

                 July 4th Weekend          July      Through    4  

                 Labor Day Weekend       Sep   3    Through   5

                 4 x 4 Jeep Ramble         Sep 16 Through 18                              

                 Halloween Weekend         Oct 28  Through   30


                Thanksgiving Weekend   Nov 25   Through  27   

Weekend Admission & Time On  Special Events Page  

Signed Liability Waiver Required By All Riders. Riders Under 18 will need adult supervision and parent or guardian to sign Liability Waiver.




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More than 650 acres and miles of trails of off-roading fun along the banks of the Cumberland River, over bluffs and hillsides, through creek bottoms and mud holes. Take the high-endurance route or the more moderate family trails, you make the choice.


Primitive Camping and Full Service Concession Stand



Signed Liability Waiver Required By All Riders. Riders Under 18 will need adult supervision and parent or guardian to sign Liability Waiver.